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Top Needed Food Items...


Food Items That Best Benefit Our Food Pantry

The Community Food Pantry relies solely on donations, monetary as well as food products to provide for the hungry. YOU can help feed the hungry by either donating food from the list below or making a monetary donation though PayPal or gift card to a grocery store for the purchase of food.

A Shopping List Just for YOU!

As you shop for the food items you need, please consider an extra purchase of some of the items below to donate for the food pantry.
Please call (903) 432-3003 if you have any food donations to be picked up.

Combined with your donations and the food we purchase with your monetary donations, we will be able to assist the homeless, needy, seniors, single families, and single women with children who are hungry. We are grateful for your donations.

What could YOUR donation buy?


In addition to these items, Community Food Pantry distributes frozen meats, fresh produce, and bread.