Community Partnerships


The Community Food Pantry in Tool has collaborated with the Tool Elementary School and the Cedar Creek Garden Club and delivered Miss Fran’s Teaching Garden in 2022.

The garden has, and will continue to, provide produce that will benefit the Community Food Pantry in Tool clients. In addition, it provides a learning environment for our elementary students.


There is only one name that was considered for top honor at the Tool Elementary Teaching Garden and that is Fran Sonka.

At 91-3/4 years old (and proud of it) she is a Living Legend in Tool TX. Fran is a community builder, a civic leader, a people-person, and a walking, talking advertisement for the City of Tool.

City Council, a stint as Mayor, she's done it all. For over 30 years, ‘Miss Fran’ has worked for the good of Tool. And now, the community and school are coming together to say ‘Thank You’ in a way that would mean most to her. A Teaching Garden at the school she helped build.

As most know, Miss Fran was VERY instrumental in the MISD building its ONLY school on the west side of the lake, Tool Elementary. When it opened its doors in 2006, Miss Fran began a tradition to arrive before the kids and greet every student with a hug.

She did this every school day until Covid forced her to stay home. Please help us make this garden as special as Miss Fran.

Brandi Sutton, Tool Elementary School Principal

Billie Hathaway, Susan Hall, Carol Almond and Debbie Bozeman-Zook, Cedar Creek Garden Club

Vicki Dumont, Executive Director, Community Food Pantry in Tool

CCL Garden Club and TES principal 5.18.2021
miss fran logo 6.2.2021